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Meet Vernel Edwards

Hi, my name is Vernel Edwards. Welcome to "Living On Purpose. I am a personal Advocate and Coach for individuals eager to master their inner strength so they can live healthier and happier lives.  It is my goal to help you enjoy peace while fulfilling your purpose.  I will walk with you to help you gain spiritual knowledge to overcome challenges.  It is my mission to help you utilize your gifts to gain financial freedom so that you can be a blessing to others around you. The skills you will learn will help you encompass the ability to pass on an inheritance to your children and future generations.

Vernel Edwards is  a Physical Therapist by profession called to do God's work. She is a Evangelist called by God!  Vernel has  over 20 years of service experience helping people.  She is a Cancer Survivor , a Faith Activist, a Deep Thinker,  a Entrepreneur and a Natural Health Minister called to help you live your life with purpose.

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    Vernel's Coaching Strategy &                                  Philosophy :

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Coaching :

Advocate and Coach for individuals eager to master their inner strength so they can:
*Live healthy and happy
*Enjoy peace while fulfilling their purpose
*Gain spiritual knowledge to over-come challenges
*Utilize their gifts to gain financial freedom and bless others
*Pass on an inheritance to their children and future generations

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What our customers write about us

I'm thrilled about my purchase. The matriarch and spiritual center of our family passed away a few years ago. I saw  the Scroll as a tangible way of bringing a little piece of my mother's passion for the word of God  to my daughter's household in the course of spiritual guidance in the form of an heirloom.
~Matriarch: S. Cooper-Williams~

“I am excited to share how Vernel has helped me. She introduced me to the importance of detoxing the right way to lose weight. She also taught me about the importance of healthy eating. And the Spirituality piece she brings to it also helps me to de-stress my life.” ~Dr. Hazel Wyatt-Wilson ~